I'm Vinh, a husband, father& programing enthusiat

About me

I am Vinh, a self-taugh programmer, 3x dad, bad husband because I spend most of my time writing code. I was lucky to have such wife. Recently I started to spend time holding my baby, the best thing I have ever created.

I like programming and write code almost everyday, not all code is good. It's just a thing that I do everyday because I just love to do it.


I'm doing DevOps and Development consultant services. I have a wide range of experience design and manage infrastructure on AWS or on-premise system. I'm also pretty good at programming, you can check my github or resume. I can work and pick up new technologies pretty quick.

You can contact me any time and we can talk about your goal and what I can do for your company.

References are also available upon request.


I like the act of writing code, because I think it's the easiest thing I can produce as a human being. I'm building a SAAS product, writeing a book, and contributing to some open source projects, as well as write tutorials for some magazine. If you like my work, you can hire me.

I'm noty founder, a service that monitor your application and notifify you.

I like RethinkDB a lot and write a book about it it. Check it out Simply RethinkDB.

Open Source

Everything I write is open source.