I'm Vinh. A Catholic. A Programmer.

I am just a humble, infamous programmer who is lucky enough to be loved by an awesome girl. I enjoy programming and love to build products. Since I discovered Linux, I've got hook up. PHP was my dream. Nowsaday, I write Ruby, PHP, Go, ObjectiveC, and a litte NodeJs stuff. I run a code component shop beside creating my own products. I'm available for freelance work.

I try to live a simply life, own less thing, give more. I love Japanese art. Practicing Kendo sometimes and watch anime with my lovely `spouse` every weekends. Not going to drop this habit. I trust in the Lord with all my heart.


QSLider is an unifiying remote control for SpeakerDeck, SlideShare, Slide.ES and Rabbit.

Status Dashboard

A SaaS help you create a status page for your web app.

Meme Storm

An iOS app that combine meme from multileple site and let you read them all without hassle.

NCT Downloader

A command line utility to download music from NhacCuaTui.Com


A mobile app alows you to search review for make up product. Coming soon spring 2014.


A screencast focus in Golang and general web and mobile development stuff. Coming on March 2014.