Go testing with Go check

Write at 2017 Aug 30 in notes golang unit-test

Using the built-in Go testing package is vey tedious and repeated. Especially when doing DeepEqual it’s requires more code.

The gocheck package attempt to handle that. It’s use is very clean as well.

We wrap around Go built-in test like this:

package thing

import (
  . "gopkg.in/check.v1"

// Hook up gocheck into the "gopkg test" runner.
func TestTheThing(t *testing.T) { TestingT(t) }

// Now we use our own Suite, I tend to think of its like context in Ruby
type SubnetSuite struct{}

// Now we actually register the suite
var _ = Suite(&SubnetSuite{})

// Define out test
func (s *Suite) TestCase1(c *C) {

The thing with C is it expose a nice interface to assert such as:

c.Assert(Foo, Equal, "bar")
c.Assert(Foo, IsNil)
c.Assert(Foo, DeepEqual, bar)
c.Assert(Foo, NotNull, bar)

Notice how it’s very descriptive with the checker

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