Docker: pull access denied, repository does not exist or may require 'docker login'

Write at 2020 Feb 27 in notes DevOps Docker

When you see this kind of error on a public repository when doing docker pull:

pull access denied for postgresql, repository does not exist or may
require 'docker login': denied: requested access to the resource is

It is actually doesn’t mean what it means. Because the repo are public. It means that you are using an outdated docker version. I think they do this as a way to force people update docker.

On the very first time this happen to me, I though it’s some kind of docker for mac bugs, but then the second time, third time happen I think they may doing this on purpose.

It never happen on Ubuntu but it happens to me 3 times in last 9 months.

It seems to only happen on the edge channel, so might be some bug on their edge release as well. I cannot remember the second time, but first and third were on edge channel.

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