Create mysql user with hashed password

Write at 2019 Apr 10 in notes devops mysql

Creating MySQL account to grant other dev read-only access to a database a common task. How can we securely share user password? It makes no sense for the operator to know this password. It’s personal password of the user whom operator is creating an account for.

Ask user to generate a hash of their password

User can use their own MySQL console and run this query:

select password('password-of-your-choice')

Now they give that hash to operator. Operator know the hash, not the password(but they can still brute force it I guess, but still, not a raw plaintext password).

Operator then create an account use this hash:

GRANT ALL ON *.* TO username identified BY PASSWORD 'hash-above'

Of course, you need to adjust grant to match user permission but the idea is to use grant for creating user and set permission and hash at same time

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