Development and Testing Smart Contract on Ethereum

Write at 2017 Aug 30 in notes ethereum testrpc blockchain

Easy way, using testrpc.

This is a nodejs envrionment. Once install testrpc, we can run it and connect Mist to it

# cd into Mist folder
./Mist --rpc http://localhost:8545

Step 1: Run test network

./geth --rpc --nat none --dev

Step 2: Create first account

Given that it requires ethereum to power anything. We need to mine outselves for that to work

TO do this, we use geth official client:

geth attach

The ipc address can be found hwen we run geth --rpc above. Once console is open, we can run:

miner.setEtherbase(personal.listAccounts[0]) // Hit ENTER
miner.start() // Hit ENTER
# We can check balance with
eth.getBalance(personal.listAccounts[0]) // Hit ENTER

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