Write at 2017 Feb 03

Recently I setup a new Jenkins server and I mount the workspace into a EBS volume. When attempting to run them with compose, I got this error

docker-compose run app /trinity/bin/build
standard_init_linux.go:175: exec user process caused "permission denied"

A bit of google tell me this is a SE Linux issue but I’m using Ubuntu. So probably it’s an apparmor thing. I tried to temp disable it but still.

Only finally I realized I mount the volume with noexec. When mouting with noexec, we cannot run an executable file from that volume. This is great security where we can mount volume as a data volume only without executing binary from it.

So my fixed was to remount without noexec since this is just a build machine

sudo mount -o  remount,defaults,auto,noatime /dev/xvdb

But what if we don’t want this

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