profiling with performance schema of mysql

Write at 2017 Apr 10

MySQL has performance schema, which records performnce metrics. When enabling, it causes some overhead depends on your workload. But it’s an userful tool with lots of metric.

The easiest metrics we can get out of it is how much time spending on runing query. This metrics is great because it’s the exact time MySQL execute query without taking into account of network latency when we do the benchmark from the app.

The table events_statements_history and events_statements_history_long contains information about query duration.

The time is in pico seconds which needs to be converted into ms like this:

  FROM events_statements_history
  WHERE sql_text like "%pattern-for-query-we-want-to-profile%";

The table events_statements_history_long has slow query log. Only analyze this table already give us lots of userful hindsight.

Another useful table is table_io_waits_summary_by_index_usage which gives information of index usage

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