Hi, I’m Vinh, father of 2 cute girls, husband and programmer.

I love programming, math, manga and poem.

I’m mostly working on infrastructure and building internal tools. That means my code mostly use by developer for monitoring, debugging purpose.

I’m interested in programming languages and know a wide range of language. Currenly I’m dabble in Crystal, Elixir and Rust. I know Ruby, Go, PHP and JavaScript quite well. Shell is my bread and butter. Time to time, I hack on a toy Lisp language call [Mochi].

I belive that programming is the best way for the poor to escape poverty. It requires minimal capital to invest in equipment, the limit is your imagination.

I run a newsletter call BetterDev, a weekly newsletter with links about programming, video, some code repos to read and dev tools. You should subscribe.


I run a small DevOps consultancy, focus specially on AWS and Kubernetes. I help company to build a secure, scalable, flexible enough infrastructure.

I develop and run noty.im, a monitoring solution to solve my pain point helping my client monitor their services. You should check it out

Open source

  • Tre Proxy to create custom domain for any service
  • Baja Static Site generator
  • Sigular Regular Expression tool

If you have any questions please feel free to send an email to: [email protected][this-site-domain]