Thank you for visiting my corner. I’m Vinh, father of a girl and a boy, husband and programmer.

I loves math, programming, manga and poem.

I mostly work on infrastructures and developer tools. My code are used by developer for monitoring, debugging, inspecting purpose. My works is to help other developer build better tools by building tool.

I have been developing software professionally since 2008. Being a generalist, I can chime in and work across stack: front-end, back-end, mobile, devops, whatever it takes to get the product success. I used React a lot but venturing out into Svelve recently.

I’m interested in programming languages, compiler and intepreter design, the core fundamental of computer like CPU, Network.

I know a wide range of languages and can chime in to work on anything. The two languages that cause me a lot of time to wrap my head around were Rust and Erlang.

I have very strong opnion on how to write software, as a result I’m big fan of KISS.

I belive that programming is the best way for the poor to escape poverty. It requires minimal capital to invest in equipments, yet deliver an vast amount of power to run the web.

I runs a newsletter call BetterDev, a weekly newsletter with links about programming, video, some code repos to read and dev tools. You should subscribe.


I run a small DevOps consultancy, focus specially on AWS, GCP, and Kubernetes but I can help anyone. I’m very proud of my unique skill in Infrastructure and Coding skill so I can work on anything.

My years of experience shipping software that require high uptime bring me an opportunity to learn about building resilient softwares and applied it to my client work


I build SaaS to scratch my own itches first, and eventually release to the world.


Mailwip is an email forwarding solution that allow you to points your domains to our MX server and configure as many as mail alias as you want. Support webhook, email to blog, complicated regex routing and serverless email processing

Lemon Winds

Lemon Winds allow you to monitor site like Reddit, Hacker News and get alert when someone mention a keyword.

Very useful if you’re a SaaS founder

Asa Town

A personal name that link to all of your userful links, identity, take payment


I also run noty.im, a monitoring solution to solve my pain point on uptime, cron monitoring. You should use it.

Open source

  • ec2.shop API to check EC2 prices and compare spot, on-demand, reserve price
  • Baja Static Site generator which generates this site
  • Sigular Regular Expression tool

If you have any questions please feel free to send an email to: vinh@[this-site-domain]

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