QSlider - Turn your phone into a slideshow remote control

Use your phone as a slide remote control

QSlider helps you to control slides uploaded on slide sharing services or web presentation software such as: slideshare.net, speakerdeck.com, prezi.com, Google Slide. More services are coming.

Download for iPhone/iPad

$1.99 on AppStore for iPhone, iPod, iPad

QSlider bookmarklet

↑ Drag this button to your Bookmark Bar

QSLider offers

Easy to use

Using QR code technique, you don't have to type or do anything. Pairing your phone to compter use phone's camere.

No extra software

QSlider relies on web application, you don't have to install extra presentation software. Save money.

Support Many Services

QSLiders support many web presentation software: slideshare, speakerdeck, Prezi, Google Slide, RoundAbout. We are still adding more.

Easy control

Basic navigation with arrow buttons. Slider cotrol allow jump quickly to any slide.


Like Music app, you can navigate slides on lockscreen. Even the screenshot of slide is display.


Every slides are display on your phone, even on lock screen. Keep track your presentation right on phone

Cool, show me how to use it

Very easy, start control any slide with 3 steps.

Step 1

Install bookmarklet

Drag QSlider Bookmarklet button to your bookmark bar. That's all. Whenever you need QSLider, just load up this page and drag that button to browser toolbar.

You have to do this only first time you install it.

Installing bookmarklet

Step 2


While viewing your slide on any supported services. Example, https://speakerdeck.com/addyosmani/automating-front-end-workflow, click QSlider bookmarklet icon. A dialog will show up with an unique number call Slideshow ID and a QR code. Either enter that Slide ID in the iOS app, or scan the QR code with the app and you will get connected.

Activate and connect Scan QR Code

Step 3


Using arrow button or slider to jump quickly between slides, similiar to Music or Podcast app.

And even more, you can control slideshow right on lockscreen. Yes, you don't have to unlock the phone during a presentation.

Control with QSlider Control with QSlider

People use QSlider

Tinh Nguyen, Founder of Aresta

Just focus into your job, doing your presentation. The rest work is handled perfectly by QSlider. Easy to navigate, no learning curve, not distract you and your audience from presentation. Five stars.

Kathy Nguyen, Part Buyer

Look cool when I'm in a meeting showing my sale slides. I just upload my slide to slideshare, go to the meeting and use my iPhone to control it.

Khanh Nguyen, Student

Very useful app for a student like me. Now I no longer need to deal with a wireless mouse, or have my friend control slide. Get this app and have full control on presentation. Amazing app.

I love QSlider, but I have suggestion

Hey, please let us know if you enjoy the app, or you have suggestion/feature request. or encounter an issue. We respond to every inquiry in 2-4 hours. Anything, just write to us at qs@axcoto.com or Twitter, Facebook.