I want to be happy

Write at 2016 Dec 21

The purpose of life

Once in awhile, man turn into god and ask: “My god, what is the purpose of life? Why I was born”. This is the main reason I’m converted into a Catholic because I want to know the answer.

I finally found out that, the answer is: “To make other’s life happy”.

To me, the single purpose of entier human, on why we were born, is to server only single purpose: “Make other happy”.

Genius achieve that by invent thing to make life comfortable. When I was a kid, I have to shit on plain ground, and burried them into ground when I’m done. Nowsaday we have toilet.

When I was a kid, we don’t have ice in our house, and have to travel to buy ice. Nowaday, everyone has a mini fridge in their room.

When I was a kid, when I’m sad I don’t know where to go. Nowaday, people have internet.

Life becomes more comfortable and we should be happier than 10 years a go. We can talk to our relatives who are away from us at an distance of half of the earth.

At certain point in my life, I feel hopeless in certain condition such as when my wife was in labour. All I want is for the pain to be gone, and the kid coming out.

When I see homeless people, I don’t want them to suffer and struggle. I want everyone to be happy.

In order for other to be happy, we need to be humble and share what we have. The resource on the earth is limited, and until we found a way to create thing from nothing, we have to share with poor people because we are just pure lucky to have what we have. Many other works much harder than us, much smarter than us, but yet, end up miserable life because many reasons.

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